Travel and Tourism

Our passion for travel and tourism, the largest service industry in India is the base of developing this vertical.  The main objective is to introduce a unique concept in tourism with regards to the food industry. Our IATA foundation aids us in existing tourism products. Our novel amalgamation of travel sector with the food culture, heritage and business will further broaden the horizons of this branch of tourism. This vertical is also one of the key elements of our sister concern Anise Enterprises Private Limited. Watch this space for more …


We Spice Lives … Zest your Soul … The Inner You “Anise” tunes Abundant Novel Insight to Celestial Pleasures ….

The Flavours you always had in you … Enhance them …

Our Motto : Spice Your Life … Indeed justifies, enhances and helps one Savour all the Flavours Of Life through our Customised Solutions, Meticulous

Curating, Conceptualisations, Planning, Designing and Executions of various components of Brand Building, Logo, Tag Lines, Accessories, Events,

Spiced Culinary Experiences, Travel and Tourism and more … adding the right amount of spice for all your endeavours.

These are patiently attended with utmost zest, detailed attention, then executed and nurtured with a passionate, requirement driven approach …

Resulting in an Optimised Solution with an Individual Identity along with a Unique Flavour …

  • Introduction of a unique concept in tourism
  • IATA Foundation provides sound base
  • Novel amalgamation of travel and food
  • Culinary Experience for the travelers and explorers
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