Food has the power to impact much more than just the physical well being. It nourishes our body, mind and soul. Right from the start of civilisation to the new age, from consciousness to culture, time tested formulas to latest technology and much more. Food is one of the strong foundations of globalisation, governance, economics, sustainability and is the root of ‘The Ever-growing and Evolving Food Industry’

Food and the Food Industry are extremely precious and need the right care and protection. That’s where the element of Food Safety comes, completing the Trinity : ‘Food’ ‘Food Industry’ ‘Food Safety’.

An esteemed Organisation in the Food Industry will give utmost priority in implementing globally recognized standards for food safety management in an effective and sustainable manner.

To achieve this objective, a competent consultant acts like a guide, giving the right base and strength to the extremely important aspect of food safety.

A globally recognized standard implemented with guidance from a competent consultant and trainer will improve the business performance. Product recalls and rejections are reduced and consumer confidence in the brand is further enhanced.

“Our role as a Consultant, Trainer and Guide is to empower the organisation, not make us indispensable. Our goal is to create a good safety culture, not just a good safety program.”

Solutions are customized for Organizational Leadership and Industry Management for a long term sustainable growth initiative.

For both start-ups and expansion plans, we can guide for setting up of manufacturing and processing units to the food industry which is not just restricted to spices and food ingredients.

Our expertise in consultancy and training covers some of the important aspects as follows:

  • Uplift the existing food safety procedures and practices by involving members from all levels of the organization.
  • Training at all levels on increasing awareness and knowledge on new policies and procedures.
  • Focus on Food Safety Culture and work on improvements with senior management.
  • Conduct gap analysis.
  • Guide in formation of a multi-disciplinary team with members of Quality Assurance, Technical Management, Production & Operations, Maintenance and other relevant functions.
  • Curating customised training modules and training calendars. Identification of training needs at various levels of the organisation and implement the same.
  • Provide expertise to improve productivity and effective monitoring of line-wise and shift-wise performance.
  • Formalise requirements of documentation with retrievable record keeping systems.
  • Conduct an effective Internal Audit to evaluate readiness for selected standard before Certification audit.
  • Pre-Assessment Audit is also a very effective tool to evaluate the entire food safety management system.
  • Assist in selecting certification body for the required standard.
  • Assist in organizing certification audit and follow up to ensure that any non-conformities raised have been effectively closed within timelines.
  • Ongoing support provided for effective and sustainable implementation of standards. Information on updates is shared and required actions taken to ensure awareness as the standards are always evolving with time.
  • Vendor development programs can help an organization by improving their vendor performance and get them to supply raw materials as per desired levels of product quality, safety and legality.
  • Provide support for procurement of raw material and packaging material requirements.
  • Support provided for guidance required by an organization in sourcing and selecting process and packaging equipment.
  • Laboratory testing needs by an accredited laboratory can be collaborated for all testing needs.
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