Its about the right choices we make … A way of Life … Above All A Philosophy …

The philosophy of food is in all its aspects, but at the core it’s a holistic way of life.

There is a devotion to truth, values, beliefs and a commitment to an examined life, in all respects above all the choices we make in terms of food. Food for our body, our mind and our soul. We as humans use our values and beliefs to make choices, which in turn guide our actions. But when it comes to food for all three aspects of lives, we must give preference to conviction over convenience and not taking the easy path but adhering to the right one.

We must ask ourselves what we want to consume for our own good, rather than what looks good to the world. One may say, perception of food could mean differently to different people. But if we align to our inner core and vital energy, each one of us have the instinct to identify the best for them. When we all at our individual level will give importance to food as a whole, there will be a collective shift to the philosophy of food universally.

It is to stop and think beyond the thought of simply satiating our body and our taste buds, its an experience. One that has travelled across levels and undergone transformations eventually to energise. Incorporating this thought process and global values, will reflect in our food choices, which will in turn bring about significant changes in our lives. These eventually with a collective effect will certainly bring about a change with respect to the philosophy of food, making it an alternate way of life. Making our world a much better place to flourish and live in.

Let us all get together, creating a difference, in this journey of life, designing, savouring and elevating it for a unique holistic experience.

Hemal Maskai