Nayan Maskai

Over 25 years in the food industry aided Nayan in developing a passion for flavour in a safe and sustainable environment.

Professional Skills

Food Safety Management 95%
Consultancy and Training 90%
Planning 90%
Digital Media Management 85%

Experience & Activities

A cherishing journey of over 25 years in the food industry aided me in developing a passion for flavour in a safe and sustainable environment. A world without spices and food ingredients cannot be imagined. Therefore, the basic need to procure and process these precious gifts of nature in a sustainable and ethical manner, where food safety and quality culture is a way of life.

Working both sides as Auditee as well as the Auditor, with a Multi-disciplinary Food Safety Team dealing with various aspects of Quality Assurance, Technical Department, Production, Operations, Maintenance and more, working towards common goals further enhanced the panoramic view of the global food safety industry.

Consultancy and Training for effective and sustainable implementation of Global Standards for Food Safety was a natural transition after implementing these standards for over 20 years. Managing, training employees, achieving highest grade in un-announced audit further enhanced the experience.

Specialisation in development of customised training modules for different levels of an organisation, effective management of product safety, quality and legality with continual improvement of Food Safety and Quality Culture for your esteemed self and organisation.

Learning, Bonding and Growing being a way of life lead to adding verticals and multiple dimensions to enhance the vibrant experience.

Conceptualisation, Meticulous Curating and Customised Solutions of various components of Brand Building, Logo, Tag Lines, Accessories, Events, Spiced Culinary Experiences and more, adding the right amount of spice for all your endeavours. Our customised solutions under the Digital Marketing and Social Media Vertical are the perfect value addition to further give all your endeavours the apt elevation.