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Where it’s all about ELEVATE YOUR LIFE …

ACE ENTERPRISES where the values and experience meet eminence, is a unique ternary to behold. ACE is a continuously expanding universe in terms of its philosophy, strengths and a company with customised assistance as its core, founded in Mumbai, India in 2018.

Passion for holistic empowerment through food and nourishment for the body, mind and soul, was one of the key factors in the conceptualisation of this unique and vibrant company. Each Co-Founder, with their strengths providing the right momentum and strong foundation towards a smooth, successful and sustainable upliftment. Connect with us for a spectrum of unique curated assistance.

Consultancy, Customised Training and Guidance in effective and sustainable implementation of Global Standards.

Curating Events, Workshops, Seminars pertaining to Food Industry, Food Safety, Global Standards of Packaging and more.

Assistance, Preparation and Aiding Organisations for Second / Third Party Assessments.

Expertise and Execution in Setup of Units & Factories, Production, Operations & Maintenance, Warehousing, Training, Auditing, Gap Analysis and Personalized Programs for Development of Staff and Management.

Coordination for Certification, Support for Ancillary Services and more.

Expanding our horizons further, customised solutions under the Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Travel and Tourism Vertical are the perfect value addition.



Audit Comply Excel …

Ethics Moral Values …

Our Philosophy rests on the trinity of Audit, Comply and Excel.

Ethics, morals, values as our strong foundation we assist to empower and strengthen.

Co-Founder Nayan Maskai with a cherishing journey of over 25 years in the food industry is a Lead Auditor continuously upgrading knowledge and skills pertaining to the global standards.

Having worked as an Auditee and Auditor, Consultancy and Training for effective and sustainable implementation of Global Standards for Food Safety was a natural transition after implementing these standards for over 20 years, thus being the key elements of customised solutions. Co-Founder Hemal Maskai, with a sound design background from the past 25 years, an ardent follower of philosophy and being an early childhood educator gave unique creative wings for Ace to Elevate further. Co-founder Kiran Khakhar, with the strong foundation of HVAC solutions, sales and marketing from over 22 years, further strengthens all our endeavours.



Holistic Contribution …

Empower All …

Our motto is to enhance and elevate your personal and professional space through our customised and curated services. These are the perfect value addition to further strengthening the foundation and aiding to create a holistic environment for yourself and your organisation.

It is not about making us indispensable but getting together to holistically make a difference, serving all as a whole.

ACE gives all your endeavours the apt elevation …

Justifying .. Elevating Lives …

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